Bosco Sodi: La fuerza del destino


The DMA will present an installation of approximately 30 sculptures by Bosco Sodi in the Museum’s Sculpture Garden. Born in Mexico City and currently based in New York City and Oaxaca, Sodi is known for richly textured paintings and sculptures that honor the essential crudeness of their materials to reveal an emotive power. The artist’s large-scale spherical and rectangular sculptures are created from clay sourced at his studio in Oaxaca. Dried in the sun and fired in a traditional brick kiln, the resulting surfaces bear the beautiful scars of their process, each uniquely influenced by its encounter with the elements.

Focusing on material exploration, the creative gesture, and the spiritual connection between the artist and his work, Sodi seeks to transcend conceptual barriers. In these ways, Sodi’s installation relates to works by artists from the Japanese collectives Gutai and Mono-ha—whom Sodi cites as inspirations—featured in the neighboring exhibition Slip Zone.