Cie Hervé Koubi (France)


“A stunning jaw dropping fusion of acrobatics, gymnastics, b-boying, modern dance, and ballet…Traditional Sufi music, atmospheric fog and lighting create an ancient desert ritual.” -The Washington Post

Compagnie Hervé Koubi debuted in Dallas a few years ago with TITAS and struck the audience speechless, that is until the standing ovation. A French, now “mostly” male, dance company now has dancers from across Europe. Absolutely unique and utterly original, this fearless, powerful and ‘masculine beyond belief’ dance company returns to Dallas with their new work SOL INVICTUS. The music score includes a composition by Swedish composer Mikael Karlsson, to be mixed with music excerpts by Steve Reich and digital composer Maxime Bodson.

The return of Hervé Koubi is most definitely highly anticipated and definitely a TITAS Favorite.

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