CinéWilde Arts District Pride Block Party Marlon Riggs Screening + Dallas Black Queer Collective Q&A


Don’t miss our screening of two Marlon Riggs short films and a Q&A with the Dallas Black Queer Collective at the Dallas Arts District Pride Block Party on Friday, June 21st at 8:30pm in the Horchow Auditorium.

Marlon Troy Riggs was a Black gay filmmaker from Fort Worth, TX who produced, wrote, and directed several documentary films, including Ethnic Notions, Tongues Untied, Color Adjustment, and Black Is...Black Ain't. His films examine past and present representations of race and sexuality in the United States. 

Our Q&A guest is The Dallas Black Queer Collective — a vibrant community for Black, queer individuals in Dallas, TX. We’ll be interviewing them about the unique lived experiences of Black Queer People and we'll discuss themes of hope and pride.

We’ll be screening two shorts by Marlon Riggs, Affirmations and Anthem. Affirmations expresses the hopes, dreams, and desires of gay Black men in an ode to queer African American empowerment. Anthem mixes images of mainstream African-American pride, such as traditional African tribal dances, alongside images representing gay pride, such as ACT UP's "Silence=Death".

Our programming is sponsored in part by the Dallas Office of Arts and Culture. This is a free event.