Culture Change: Women in Technology and Science


On August 28, 2019, Nicole Small and Linda Silver will share a vision for the future of women in STEM-related fields and what it takes to get there.

Women have long been making massive contributions to STEM-related fields. It is time they received the recognition they deserve. Nicole Small and Linda Silver will discuss how Lyda Hill Philanthropies and the Perot Museum of Nature and Science are working on improving the outlook for women and girls in STEM, including through their collaborative work on the IF/THEN initiative.

Further, the challenges our communities are facing–from hunger to education to energy–will remain intractable unless we engage every single member of our community in fixing them. Building access to STEM fields for the next generation of women leaders will ensure every brilliant mind we have is offered a pathway to make a difference. But doing so will require a culture shift beyond what we have been willing to embrace thus far.

Join us as Nicole Small and Linda Silver take to the Perot Museum stage to share on what the future holds for women in STEM-related fields and how we can better equip future game-changers in the field.


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