Guadalupe Rosales


For the next installation of the DMA’s Concourse mural series, Los Angeles–based artist Guadalupe Rosales will create a site-specific commissioned mural reflecting the interconnections between her artistic practice and her collaborative archival practice. Rosales is a multidisciplinary artist, an archivist, an educator, and founder of the community-generated archival projects Veteranas and Rucas and Map Pointz on Instagram. Her studio also houses and preserves a physical archive of Chicano and Latinx ephemera from the 1970s to the late 1990s, including but not limited to magazines, prison art and letters, posters, and flyers from the Los Angeles underground scenes of the 1990s.

Rosales develops installations that combine photography, ephemera, video, and sound, creating immersive and sensorial spaces that activate personal and collective memory. Her practice redresses the historical erasure and misrepresentation of Latinx communities in Southern California and beyond, while encouraging others to take an active part in celebrating and preserving their cultural histories.

Image: Guadalupe Rosales, Shortcut (day and night), 2017–present. Courtesy the artist