Guerrilla Girls: Takeover – Virtual


To highlight the work of the Guerrilla Girls and explore alternative ways to display the Nasher Collection, Associate Curator Dr. Leigh Arnold organized Guerrilla Girls: Takeover, a three-month-long online exhibition in the form of a dynamic digital content overlay on the Nasher Sculpture Center website, featuring selections from the Guerrilla Girls’ Portfolio Compleat 1985-2012 with Upgrade 2012-2016 (accessioned 2017). Employing a digital variation of the art collective’s method of "culture jamming", the Nasher has “papered” its website with images and videos from the Guerrilla Girls’ Portfolio.

Visitors to the site can view and access a large selection of the Portfolio’s 110 poster projects in digital form—either on this webpage or while navigating other parts of the Nasher website, with images presenting as common intrusive online display advertising techniques, such as pop-up windows, “ads” of Guerrilla Girls’ images, and embedded videos. The result is a new and dynamic way to display art digitally in a manner true to the Guerrilla Girls’ method of confronting us with knowledge so we can all actively participate in the pursuit of progress.