Statement of Purpose

The mission of the Dallas Arts District is to enhance the value of the city’s creative and economic life by engaging artistic, educational and commercial neighbors through excellent design, practices and programs. We aspire to transform the Dallas Arts District into a dynamic destination for Dallasites and tourists, powered by the imagination of regional and international artists, with integrated and exemplary artistic, residential, cultural and commercial life.

To fulfill this mission and complement the programs of resident arts organizations, the Dallas Arts District Foundation sponsors a broad range of activities that bring public engagement to the District through diverse and accessible cultural programming.

Types of Assistance

Financial assistance is granted to a non-profit organization or an individual artist approved by the Office of Arts and Culture to provide a specific artistic or cultural activity or program that takes place within the Dallas Arts District and for the benefit of the public. The Foundation is particularly interested in supporting site-specific, innovative programs and/or culturally specific programming.

Each organization or individual may submit no more than one application. Individual artists who are approved artists funded by the City of Dallas – Office of Arts and Culture, are eligible to apply.

The Foundation Does Not Fund:

  1. Capital improvements, construction, renovation, purchase of permanent equipment, or structural maintenance of facilities
  2. Activities restricted to an organization’s membership
  3. Newsletters, website development or regularly printed publications about an organization’s activities for distribution to its member constituents
  4. Costs of parties, receptions, and other social activities
  5. Fundraising benefits and activities
  6. Fellowships and/or costs of tuition at colleges, universities, or professional training schools
  7. College/University or school projects that are part of a required course or curriculum or that do not involve and serve the general public
  8. Operating expenses
  9. Programs that are not primarily arts or cultural activities
  10. Retroactive funding for projects, which are completed, or are in progress
  11. Direct funding to individuals
  12. Activities that do not benefit the general public
  13. Endowments
  14. Any organization that did not meet the terms of prior year funding contract


  1. NEW Online portal for grant applications and final report:


  1. Limitations

The Grants Program is designed to provide support on a project basis only. Applicants should not expect to receive support through the program beyond a one-year period for any specific arts or cultural activity.

  1. Amount of Grants

The maximum grant request per project is $3,000. Any amount up to this maximum may be awarded. Typical awards average between $1,500-2,000.

  1. Grant Process

Please note that the Foundation will not consider retroactive funding for projects. Projects must take place after the receipt of notification.

Application Deadline

May 2nd, 2022, at 5:00 p.m. CST

Notification Deadline


Date Programs may occur:

January 1- December 31, 2023

No applications will be accepted beyond the deadlines stated above.


A committee will review the applications and make funding recommendations to Dallas Arts District Foundation board for consideration and approval. The committee may request supplemental material to support the grant application.

The Dallas Arts District board retains the right to award any grant in any amount with or without an application.

Application Materials: All requested materials, including required supplements, must be included in the online application:


  1. Artistic quality/degree of professionalism:
    1. There is clear artistic/cultural merit of the project and its value to the
    2. The project incorporations new works or
    3. Participating artists will be fairly compensated for their
    4. The project is site-specific and complements its
    5. The project is produced in collaboration with other organizations, and all partners
  1. Public participation:
    1. The project is easily accessible to the public through free or low to average ticket price
    2. The project will improve understanding and appreciation of arts and culture by its audience
    3. The applicant understands who their target audience
    4. The project targets new and diverse audiences, further enhancing accessibility to the arts and to the Dallas Arts
  1. Management capability:
    1. The applicant demonstrates the ability to successfully complete the
    2. The project dates and location have been confirmed and the applicant collaborating organization have uploaded the approved letter of support or venue contract.
    3. The applicant has a plan to measure the success of the project in accordance with the final report guidelines
  1. Other funding sources:
    1. There is evidence of strong financial commitment to the project by other


In all published material and announcements of a project approved for grant funds, the applicant must acknowledge the Dallas Arts District by placing the Dallas Arts District Foundation logo on their website, print and digital collateral, and on any marketing collateral. The Dallas Arts District reserves the right to publicize, reproduce or use material from any of the funded grant projects.


All required guideline must be completed for the Final Report available on the online application portal after your organization has been approved for funding:

All financial records relating to each project will be retained by the grantee for a period of three years for review by the Foundation. A brief online final report on the project must also be submitted to the Dallas Arts District Foundation within 30 days of the project’s completion. For documentation and evaluation purposes, the final report should include the actual budget project revenue and expenditures on the template provided online, copies of published materials, with the project narratives required on the report.  Please upload 2-3 photos in the optional supplementary uploads for use by the Foundation for use in media releases or to advertise the program for the following year.

TO APPLY:  Access the online portal application link: Click here.


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