Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring


It starts with a bassoon solo, and before long there is a profusion of twitters, plucked strings and pounding of pagan drums…like all manner of life forms breaking through the frozen crust of the Russian landscape as pulsing rhythms and primitive rituals proclaim the veneration of spring. It’s The Rite of Spring, the iconic work that changed classical music forever and even today continues to be a thrilling, visceral experience. Abandon yourself to its raw energy and revel in its electrifying intensity as Aziz Shokhakimov, Music Director of Strasbourg Philharmonic Orchestra, guest conducts the DSO. Jörgen van Rijen solos in the US premiere of a concerto by Andrew Norman, praised by the Boston Globe for his “staggering imagination.” Opening the concert, Rimsky-Korsakov dazzles you with colorful evocations of Spain.