The Dallas Arts District is the largest contiguous urban arts district in the nation.

Since January 26, 2009, the Dallas Arts District has operated under the umbrella of Downtown Dallas, Inc., a nonprofit organization that serves as an advocate for downtown Dallas.

Since 1984, the Dallas Arts District, a nonprofit 501c3 organization, has become the primary steward and representative for the institutions and properties within the largest contiguous arts district in the United States spanning 19 blocks in the northeast corner of downtown Dallas, connecting culture, commerce, residences, schools and churches.

Dallas Arts District provides operational and marketing support touching nearly 4 million visitors annually in numerous ways:
– Collaborating with our neighbors to host, produce and promote free public programs including the Arts District Signature Block Parties attracting audiences of more than 40,000 annually;
– Speaking to hundreds of people annually through outreach to community businesses, non-profit organizations, and neighborhoods throughout Dallas; Attracting coverage from local, national and international media;
– Providing tours to international visitors;
– Creating marketing print collateral through the Dallas Arts District Visitor Guide, distributed to 50,000 people and reaching nearly 200,000 users on social media annually;
– Awarding over 420 grants totaling $1.1 million to Dallas County arts and culture organizations since 1990.
– Promoting the improved economic impact of the cultural sector in five years from $128.6 million to $395.8 million (Americans for the Arts 2015 AEP5 Study, released June 2017)

If you would like to have copies of the 2018-2019 Dallas Arts District Visitor’s Guide to share with your guests or patrons, email us at You may also view or download a PDF Visitor’s Guide here.


The Dallas Arts District enhances the value of the city’s creative and economic life by engaging artistic, educational and commercial neighbors through excellent design, practices and programs.


Transform the Dallas Arts District into a dynamic destination for locals and tourists alike while creating a fulfilling urban experience. The District is powered by the imagination of artists globally, while seamlessly integrating exemplary artistic, residential, cultural and commercial life.

Dallas Arts District is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization and is funded by grants, voluntary membership dues, sponsorships and donations.


Collaboration, Education, Community, Inclusion and Innovation

What is a Cultural Plan?

A cultural plan is an inclusive process that engages residents, artists, arts organizations, and other sectors to identify cultural needs, opportunities, and resources. It allows a city to think strategically about how to use its resources to help communities achieve their goals.

Why a Cultural Plan for Dallas?

Dallas already has an amazing arts scene and community. The Dallas Cultural Plan 2018 will:

Analyze the city’s cultural priorities
Determine how Dallas residents experience culture in their daily lives
Plan how the city can continue to stay arts-friendly
How Was the Dallas Cultural Plan Developed?

What’s In the Plan?

Nearly 9,000 Dallas residents have engaged in this process to develop over a hundred initiatives and strategies under these six priorities:

–Equity: Support the broadest range of art forms and creative producers, considering inclusivity, diversity and neighborhood impact to direct resources equitably to artists and organizations.
–Diversity: Celebrate and promote the diversity of Dallas, while striving to improve diversity of programming, staff and organizational leadership across the cultural sector.
–Space: Provide, create and incentivize the creation of spaces and places to encourage and allow arts and culture in Dallas to thrive and grow citywide.
–Support for Artists: Establish a supportive arts ecosystem that nourishes the creative and innovative energy of Dallas artists.
–Sustainable arts ecosystem: Model sustainability to the arts and culture community through OCA’s facilities and encourage and support the development of future sustainability in the broader arts and cultural sector.
–Communications: Promote culture as a fundamental driver of the city of Dallas. Ensure awareness at local, national and international levels of Dallas’ cultural offerings through enhanced communication.

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